Monday, September 1

UKIP launches Euro 2009 motley crew

UKIP's motley crew of candidates for next year's European election has now been announced. Not a star in sight at the moment, although UKIPwatch is still hoping for a surprise candidacy from celebrity chef Rustie Lee, Edward Fox or, even better, the paragon of selfless virtue that is disgraced 'cash for questions' former MP, Neil Hamilton.

Replacing the convicted benefit fraudster Ashley Mote as number two in the South-East is former Commission whistleblower Marta Andreasson, whose own brand of euroscepticism is a little less extreme than her UKIP colleagues.

UKIPwatcher was also intrigued by the performance of the IND-DEM staffers. Paul Nuttal is 2nd in the North-West, with Michael McManus 3rd - neither have any chance of being elected, which is also the case for Ralph Atkinson (3rd in London) and UKIP's chief of staff and blogger Gawain Towler (3rd in the South-West).

David Campbell-Bannerman (not quite as distinguished as his illustrious former Liberal Prime Minister ancestor) takes the top spot in the East, with Jeffrey Titford's assistant Stewart Guilleford managing only fourth.

In Yorkshire, the oafish Godfrey Bloom has seen off the challenge from Jonathan 'boy' Arnott for the number 1 spot, while 'deadweight' Derek Clark and Mike Nattrass top the lists in the East and West Midlands.

Also interesting to see the vote shares in the South East and West - Nigel Farage gaining a whopping 1720 votes - ten times as many as Derek Clark's meagre 145 in the East Midlands. In the South-West, new MEP Trevor Colman was the only one to get close to a thousand votes, with 900.

So, how will UKIP fare next June. Not very well if you believe the UKIP party members and assorted hard-right extremists on the Democracy Forum, 49% of which are betting on UKIP being reduced to 4 MEPs or fewer. Nothing like a bit of confidence amongst the footsoldiers!

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