Monday, October 13

Is Farage set for another UKIP purge?

The barking mad members of Democracy Forum continue to be a delight to UKIPwatch, with a series of conspiracy theories having been posted over the last few weeks. This one claims that Nigel Farage is set to change UKIP's internal party rules in order to expel a number of senior officials and two MEPs - London's Gerard Batten and Roger Knapman from the South-West.

Given the astonishing (though understandable) lack of respect that Farage has for his party's members, this theory should not be dismissed out of hand. Many on the list have been openly critical of Farage and both Piers Merchant and Gregg Beaman were shabbily treated after the recent MEP candidate selection, with Beaman forced to stand down after topping the list in the North-West. As for the MEPs, Knapman is retiring next year and Gerard Batten will struggle to retain his seat, if his dismal showing in this year's London Mayoral election is anything to go by. But expelling two more MEPs would mean that UKIP would have lost exactly half its MEPs elected in 2004 within one parliamentary term. Can it really be true?

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Talking of that forum, who is Mark Croucher? His name comes up a lot.