Wednesday, November 12

Farage - the Queen has 'beheaded herself'

UKIPwatch has been sent a lovely story from a co-conspirator about a recent UKIP meeting at West Hill on 17th October Nigel Farage agreed with a questioner that the Queen has 'beheaded herself' by assenting to the EU Amendment Act. But he intimated that the Duke of Edinburgh had 'sound ideas' about the EU, and that the late Queen Mother, he knew, detested it. Given this week's unsurprisingly revelations by a BBC journalist that the Queen Mum was not exactly an EU-enthusiast - she is alleged to have said that the EU could never work because it was run by "huns, wops and dagos" - it's hard to disagree with Nige on this.

However, the funniest incident (from the Richard Littlejohn school of 'you couldn't make it up' was a long rant by the other main speaker, the Earl of Dartmouth, who is number 2 on UKIP's list in the South-West (which still causes much chagrin to one of UKIPwatch's favourite blogger's, the estimable Gawain Towler) about EU plans to 'force motorists to keep their lights on at all times'. A few minutes after he sat down a steward announced that someone had left their car outside with the lights on. Yes, you've guessed, it was the Earl's VW!

Lovely stuff, although shouldn't an Earl (and, as a U-kipper, no doubt a staunch patriot, at that) be driving an English car?

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