Wednesday, November 19

Farewell to Ashley Mote's "Straight Talking Express" - no laughing at the back....

The ignominy just keeps mounting up for the indefatigable benefit fraudster Ashley Mote. Having been sent to prison, losing countless appeals against his convictions, trying and failing to get the European Parliament to pay his legal bills for him, and flirting with the BNP in order to stand for re-election next year, the world's favourite ex-UKIP MEP must have thought that things could not get any worse.

However, he reckoned without the European Parliament's Secretary-General Harald Römer, who has order Cashley to sell the single-decker bus he has had converted into his office and give the cash back to the Parliament. While the Motester claims that he needs the bus to travel across the eight counties he 'represents', this is pretty weak - why not just drive a car like every other politician does Ash?

Unfortunately, UKIPwatch can only conclude from this sad tale that Ash was trying to emulate John McCain's famous 'Straight Talking Express'. The lack of self-awareness really is too much.

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