Thursday, November 27

Goodbye to Kilroy

So farewell to Kilroy, whose brief sojourn in the Australian jungle on "I'm a celebrity…Get me out of here" has come to an ignominious end - being the first to be voted off by the public.

It's difficult to see precisely what the perma-tanned one achieved in his couple of weeks, other than falling out with former Star Trek actor George Takei and the ubiquitous 'star' of Saturday morning children's entertainment, Timmy Mallet. However, Mr Kilroy-Silk did emerge victorious in one of the show's "bush tucker trials", although it's unlikely that this will cut much ice with his constituents who, in the words of Labour East Midlands MEP Glenis Willmott, "expect their politicians to do a job of work, and you can't do that if you are in the jungle, covered in cockroaches, eating kangeroo's testicles".

Now that Kilroy's brief return to TV is over (although not before he pocketed a reported £15,000 appearance fee for "I'm a celebrity"), you might expect that he will be back to work in Brussels. But let's not hold our breath - Tories Chris Heaton Harris and Roger Helmer famously offered a bottle of champers to people with Kilroy sightings in Brussels, and didn't get any takers. UKIPwatch's pockets are not quite so deep as an MEPs, but is prepared to offer a cockroach and kangeroo's testicle to anyone who make's a sighting (plus a bottle of wine to wash it down).


Anonymous said...

Is he still UKIP leader?

Anonymous said...

Yep and in June,for Corbett at least it's going to be,"Boot me out here because I'm a greedy useless nonentity"

Definitely a vote winner for the first candidate out LOL!

Taiking of sightings,Corbett was seen on sky tv the other month,(coming across smug and smarmy)going on about the euro.Tut! Tut! (not a vote winner in this climate.)The upshot being and word on tne street is Corbett's demise might really help the bad boys to Brussels.PMSL!