Monday, November 3

Kilroy signs up for I'm a Celebrity!

You really couldn't make it up. UKIPwatcher was delighted to see that the perma-tanned Robert Kilroy-Silk will be appearing in the upcoming series of 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of here'. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Four and a half years after promising to destroy the EU from within, the orange one is reduced to japing in the jungle with Ant and Dec and a collection of Z-list celebrities.

Honestly, what's next? First we had gorgeous George Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother, now Kilroy on I'm a Celebrity. I suppose next it'll be Nigel Farage on Strictly Come Dancing.

Still, Kilroy's appearances on TV will be helpful for his parliamentary colleagues. After all, the orange one does so little work that most people have forgotten what he looks like.

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