Tuesday, November 4

More woes for poor Tom Wise

More sad news about the plight of UKIPwatch's beloved porker Tom Wise. Dear ol' Tom has been on police bail since June when he was arrested on suspicion of obtaining money by deception following allegations of defrauding his assistance allowance. Unfortunately for poor Tom, who continues to protest his innocence, his bail was extended until next February last week. Is Mr Wise going to become the second UKIP MEP elected in 2004 to do time at the pleasure of Her Majesty?

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Fartright said...

Apparently our Tom is now to be hauled before UKIPs disciplinary panel.

But what of his staffer Gary Gartwright, now loudly protesting that he was never South London Organiser of the National Democrats (aka The National Front)? Seems a complaint is winging its way to UKIP at this moment.

Souldn't have left your mug shot all over those back numbers of 'The Flag' Gary...