Thursday, November 6

You just can't teach an old dog new tricks

When it comes to the subject of taxpayer's hard earned money, Ashley Mote, the far right's very own benefit fraudster, just can't resist. Never mind deceiving HM Revenue & Customs to get that extra bit of something on the sly, why not just launder taxes which he "has access to" as an MEP. This was what happened at a committee meeting on Monday when Mote walked in half way through, signed himself on the register to get his per diem and promptly left. Certainly it would be no hyperbole to bill this as Ashley's latest count of fraud, but the greatest crime must be the deception of the voter. Mote here tried to pretend that he attended the meeting and was representing the voters in the discussions and debate of the committee. No such luck for the unfortunate voters of the South East.

It seems that Mr. Mote is being counter-productive in his crusade against corruption in the Parliament. His mission might be resolved very much quicker if he practised what he preaches. As the ever pithy Ashley has put it "I'm taking the 'devil's' money to do God's work". More like the 'devil's' money to do no work eh Ashley?

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Anonymous said...

"Taking the devil's money"? Is that how he describes taxpayers' money? Disgusting.