Monday, December 8

Health warning for pheasants and partridges in West Norfolk

Bringing a bit of pre-hogmany cheer, UKIP's Eastern Counties team have organised an 'exclusive' days shooting in a bid to fundraise in advance of the European elections. The highest bidder wins the days' hunt in Weasenham in West Norfolk - but those feeling the effects of the credit crunch should bear in mind that the commercial value of the shoot is about £900.

UKIPwatch, not being a regular hunter and shooter, was particular amused by the point that several party members "have very kindly offered to accommodate the UKIP guns overnight, if this is required". Does this mean the hunters or the guns themselves?

On a serious note, however, any pheasants and partridges in the area would be well advised to make themselves scarce that day.

Monday, December 1

UKIP to implode?

A blog written by a disgruntled UKIP member has surfaced attacking Farage and the current state of UKIP. The blog, written by "Junius", provides an insight into the party by someone on the inside. Farage is reported to be pulling his hair out over the revelations made by Junius, and the blog has certainly caused a stir over on the Democracy Forum, popular with members of UKIP on the net. Not that we didn't know already, but this just confirms the infighting currently paralysing UKIP and could mark the beginning of UKIP's implosion so soon before next year's European elections. Junius certainly has a lot of support from the rank and file membership of UKIP, if comments on the Democracy Forum are true.

Click here to read Junius' blog.