Monday, December 8

Health warning for pheasants and partridges in West Norfolk

Bringing a bit of pre-hogmany cheer, UKIP's Eastern Counties team have organised an 'exclusive' days shooting in a bid to fundraise in advance of the European elections. The highest bidder wins the days' hunt in Weasenham in West Norfolk - but those feeling the effects of the credit crunch should bear in mind that the commercial value of the shoot is about £900.

UKIPwatch, not being a regular hunter and shooter, was particular amused by the point that several party members "have very kindly offered to accommodate the UKIP guns overnight, if this is required". Does this mean the hunters or the guns themselves?

On a serious note, however, any pheasants and partridges in the area would be well advised to make themselves scarce that day.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the pheasants have much to worry about. With the UKIP men's fingers on the triggers the only thing in danger of being shot are their own feet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard , Do you not have anything better to do ?

Anonymous said...

A question. If Nigel and the boys went for a dinner in Strasbourg, say a Christmas dinner, say an Ind-Dem political group Christmas dinner, who would pay for it? Would it be Nigel and his friends or would it be the taxpayer?


Anonymous said...

I am posting this here and also on the more relevant thread below. Does anyone else think it odd that the BNP came within a whisker of capturing two council seats this week in elections in which strangely enough Ukip did not stand. In at least one of those seats Ukip has a track record which suggests that it would have been in with a chance. Very very curious.

Anonymous said...

obviously ukipwatch is getting more and more desperate for scandal in ukip. yawn yawn yawn