Wednesday, January 7

Godders' new Britain - Let's abolish the minimum wage and bring back wage slavery

The ever delightful and publicity shy Godfrey Bloom took to the airwaves of the Jeremy Vine show over the festive period to proclaim that the national minimum wage should be abolished, adding in true faux-magisterial style that "If I want to employ somebody at £4 an hour that's my business". Fantastic, Godfrey, let's get that Union Jack out and bring back wage slavery!

However, UKIPwatch wonders whether Godfrey did his sums before making this claim. Maybe someone could point out to Godders' that if someone worked a 45 hour week at £4 an hour their annual wage would work out at a fraction under £9.5k before tax (roughly £8,500 after tax). Even Godfrey, as a self-proclaimed expert on all things finance related, should be able to recognise that there is no way anyone can be expected to live on this.

It's also quite a contradiction for Godders, the renowned bon viveur, to suddenly turn into Mr Scrooge. One law for him and one for everyone else, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Somehow I don't think the UN will be looking for Godfrey to get us of the financial crisis.

Anonymous said...

Union Flag, dear boy, Union Flag! Tut tut!

Anonymous said...

EU tried what ol Boney, and Hitler did and failed! Parasites, Vermin. Rule Brittania

Jack of Blades said...

Why assume someone employed to work for £4 an hour would be trying to support a family and keep up mortgage payments? It might not manage that, but it's a perfectly acceptable wage for an intern, an apprentice, a young person helping out after school at the corner shop, whatever.

More one-size-fits-all Strawman bullshit from the Europhiliacs. Fail.