Thursday, January 29

UKIP save Strasbourg seat and help waste €200 million

UKIP are fond of complaining about waste in the EU, but were split on one of the most embarrassing examples - namely, the monthly trek to Strasbourg for four days of plenary sessions.

Written Declaration 75/2008 was launched by the One Seat campaign (which rose to prominence when it quickly gathered over 1 million signatures for its petition calling for the abolition of the Strasbourg seat) following the success of the extra Parliament sessions in Brussels when the Strasbourg Parliament was closed for building work in September.

This issue is gradually gaining prominence. The first Written Declaration (the EP's equivalent of an Early Day Motion) in 2006 got 199 signatures, with the latest getting 286.

It is also a matter where MEPs tend to divide on national lines. Every French MEP refused to sign, as did most German and Spanish. With these three countries having well over 200 MEPs between them, getting a total majority of 393 MEPs to sign a written declaration on Strasbourg (which would then make that the official position of Parliament) is extremely tough.

65 of Britain's 78 MEPs signed the declaration - all of Labour's 19 MEPs, 23 out of 28 Conservatives, 9 out of 11 Lib Dems. UKIP were delightfully split with 5 of their 9 remaining official members signing the declaration with 4 (including their party leader Nigel Farage) against.

The trips to Strasbourg waste over 200 million euros a year. So the next time UKIP go on about EU waste, people should remind them of their sickening hypocrisy.

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Anonymous said...


Reports are coming in that not only is Corbett being thrown off the EU gravy train,but a liebour midlands mep is about to join him.

Infact(It's that bad) with the current climate, it might not be possible for liebour activists to knock on doors.