Monday, February 16

'Non-racist' and 'non-sectarian' - UKIP just can't help themselves

Oh dear. UKIPs overworked PR bods would be excused for breaking down and weeping when they saw this. Having spent years trying to play down their longstanding links to the racist extreme right, and claiming to be a 'non racist' and 'non sectarian' party, their tireless work is bring rapidly undone by reality. First they cosy up to Dutch Islamophobe Geert Wilders and now one of their senior members is revealed to be openly racist.

David Challice is not only the chairman of the UKIP branch in Exeter but is also Administration Manager at UKIPs head office. His latest offering to the local Express and Echo newspaper urges 'cash-strapped Moslems (sic)' to have multiple wives in order to claim an extra £33.65 per wife in benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions. David Challice is obviously one of those people who thinks that casual racism is funny.

You would expect all parties (bar the BNP) to immediately sack an employee who made such overtly racist remarks. But 'non racist' UKIP? Don't hold your breath.

UKIP 'non racist'? Oh, please

UKIP peer Lord Pearson has had his 15 minutes of fame in the media following the decision by the Home Office to ban the racist Dutch MP Geert Wilders from broadcasting his film Fitna, which makes the Koran out to be an incitement to terrorism. UKIP have done a neat smoke and mirrors exercise in the media to try and portray themselves (and Mr Wilders) as martyrs.

The side issue, aside from the important argument as to whether Mr Wilders should have been allowed into Britain on free speech grounds despite his 'quasi-BNP' views, is that by associating and allying themselves with a man who is not much more than a Dutch Nick Griffin (and believes in forced repatriation of immigrants and attacks on Muslims), UKIP have displayed more evidence of the racism that lies at their core. 'Non-racist' and 'non-sectarian'? Oh, please don't insult our intelligence.

Monday, February 9

Shameless Mote in new 'prize arsehole' bid

The utterly shameless Ashley Mote has put in yet another bid to cement his position as the prize arsehole of UKIPs 2004 intake, bleating that his opponents are using his criminal convictions for benefit fraud to ‘denigrate’ his reputation.

Laughably he has the audacity to complain about an occasion in the Constitutional Affairs committee when another MEP made ‘derogatory’ remarks about him about his attendance record. Although Mote claims to be a regular attendee of the committee, as UKIPwatch as noted several times before, Mote has developed a nasty habit of signing the attendance register and then sodding off (often without even taking his seat!)

One does feel a bit of sympathy for Mote: he clearly has no sense of reality or an ounce of self-awareness.

His assertion that since returning from the slammer he has been subject to a campaign aimed as “denigrating both my professional and personal reputation” is scarcely credible. No, Ashley – you destroyed your reputation when you committed multiple counts of benefit fraud.

The other tragedy of Ashley Mote is that he is still convinced of his innocence despite the fact that he has exhausted every single legal avenue.

The good news is that Mote’s career as an MEP only has four months left to run at which point he will return to the obscurity from whence he came.