Monday, February 16

'Non-racist' and 'non-sectarian' - UKIP just can't help themselves

Oh dear. UKIPs overworked PR bods would be excused for breaking down and weeping when they saw this. Having spent years trying to play down their longstanding links to the racist extreme right, and claiming to be a 'non racist' and 'non sectarian' party, their tireless work is bring rapidly undone by reality. First they cosy up to Dutch Islamophobe Geert Wilders and now one of their senior members is revealed to be openly racist.

David Challice is not only the chairman of the UKIP branch in Exeter but is also Administration Manager at UKIPs head office. His latest offering to the local Express and Echo newspaper urges 'cash-strapped Moslems (sic)' to have multiple wives in order to claim an extra £33.65 per wife in benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions. David Challice is obviously one of those people who thinks that casual racism is funny.

You would expect all parties (bar the BNP) to immediately sack an employee who made such overtly racist remarks. But 'non racist' UKIP? Don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear indeed.The undemocratic Corbett(who loves to jeer,throw the odd wobbly,and acts like a baby if he doesn't get his own way.)is so desperate he needs to cosy up to the muslims for their vote.

What with this and the need for postal votes,and together to warn the electorate, dont vote for the unmentionables it seems old Corbett is really flapping.

UKIPWatcher said...

Don't know why you think Richard Corbett writes this blog.

If you're going to comment why not engage with the point in the blog, or are you admitting that UKIP are a racist party?

Anonymous said...

Quick we are in the shit,better get the smear campaign out.
I know what, we will suppress the truth,lets cry racists,that should help.

I noticed fascist was left out,maybe because that tag is now being strongly associated with the liebour shysters.

Cin Cin the clocks ticking.

Anonymous said...

Nice try UKIPWatcher but I really don't see that you have actually made a valid point?

Islam is a religion not a race so how can David Challice's comments be classified as racist? He is simply reporting well documented facts and the lunacy of government policy.

david challice said...

Two or three readers have objected to my recent Trago piece about State benefits for polygamous Islamic marriages, calling it racist and offensive. UKIPwatch now seems to have lined up alongside.

Let’s get a few things straight: the article was based on reports in the Daily Mail, Sunday Telegraph, and Times newspapers. There was no hint of racism. The mention of Islam and Muslems was strictly factual. Or are these complainants disputing that a Muslem can come to this country with a harem of wives, and claim state benefits for each of them? The taxpayer, of course, picks up the tab for this.

As for giving offence, I find it offensive that ill-informed correspondents can flounder around with false accusations of racism.

Of the estimated 1.25 million readers of the Column (which has been running for 40 years in twenty-five different newspapers) I am unaware of a single complaint from any Muslem reader. Far from criticising Islam, the article clearly castigated our idiotic Labour government (and by implication the ‘useful idiots’ of the progressive left) who have embraced the lunacy of multiculturalism.

This is an old tactic. Ignore the genuine complaint. Invent another.

While we’re on the subject, the UK Independence Party makes no apology for condemning multiculturalism as a na├»ve and doomed social experiment. A gang of skinheads in an Indian restaurant, guzzling lager, tucking into curry, and bellowing: “Oi, Gunga din,” to the waiter, might be sampling exotic cuisine of the east, but are hardly a great example of multiculturalism (despite the words of the late Robin Cook MP, who was once jolly pleased that tikka masala had been named the nation’s favourite dish, thereby celebrating ‘the advance of multiculturalism’.)

This has nothing to do with race or skin colour and should not be confused with multiracialism. UKIP has many members of so-called ethnic minorities (some of them MEP candidates) who would not thank those few complainants for their patronising and arrogant attitude.

Refutation by denigration is the easiest thing in the world, showing intellectual laziness and intolerance. I have a simple message for these complainants: if you don’t like the Trago Column, don’t read it.

At the moment we still have a comparatively free press. For all our sakes, let us hope that these few individuals never get their hands on it.

Finally, although this risks the danger of sounding like a plug for my own publication, I should point out that my own book, The View From Here, is a collection of all the Trago pieces I've written since taking up the reins in 2001. I cover a huge range of topics, but at no stage do I ever cross the line into racism.

All I would ask from UKIPwatch before lining up with the race industry is to remember IBM's famous instruction to its staff: "THINK".

David Challice
UK Independence Party

stari_momak said...

A few questions:

Is Islam a race? If not, how are the supposed comments 'racist'?

While we are on it, what is your definition of 'racist'? Is wanting to preserve the current generally biology of the British Isles and their indigenous inhabitants 'racist'? Is wanting to see your own phenotypic group survive in its traditional territory 'racist'? Is doing what every other racial group does, namely set up interest groups to look after its own 'racist'? Or does the later just apply to white folk?

Finally, a quick check of any dictionary (several online) will reveal that Moslem is simply an alternative spelling of Muslim. You can keep your patronising '[sic]'.

UKIPWatcher said...


You say:

"While we are on it, what is your definition of 'racist'? Is wanting to preserve the current generally biology of the British Isles and their indigenous inhabitants 'racist'? Is wanting to see your own phenotypic group survive in its traditional territory 'racist'? Is doing what every other racial group does, namely set up interest groups to look after its own 'racist'? Or does the later just apply to white folk?"

There is no such thing as an "indigenous" Briton! We are all related to immigrants - I have Irish, German, Lithuanian and Scottish relatives within the last two generations of my family. Does that mean I'm not British and should be kicked out of the country? Or can I stay because I'm white?

If we Britons are a 'race' at all then we are a mongrel race which, personally, I'm comfortable with. You're obviously not.

Anonymous said...

Again you have ignored the problem at hand and raised and another one 'Watcher,' I'd be suprised if you ever get anywhere in life.

Those comments were not racist and you claim they are which makes you look stupid, Why dont you grow up and admit your mistakes so you can move on!

I'm sick of irrational idiotic trolls like you sprouting off on the internet like you are wise when most of you even lack the manners required for proper debate.

Anonymous said...

Hello watchdog- Why not post something of your own ideology, I see UKIP as a very electable party, well balanced and apparantly terrifying the 'establishment'. Now which part of the establishment are you ? ' I am An African ! '

Anonymous said...

RE "I am an African" lol yeah sure mate, sounded so genuine. lol. Just why is it you decided to point out which continent you want people to believe you are from? In future I sugest you at least use the name of a country as it will perhaps mislead people better. Good luck and good day to you sir "an african"

alphabuilders said...

I cant understand why people have a problem with Watchers article, the comments made by David Challice clearly have a dark undertone and dont resonate ethics of a honest kind godfearing man rarther they seem more alighned with hate and follow a sinister angle, so it should be expected many will find them distasteful (myself included). Regardless of whether attacking a religion and all its believers is technically racist or not what we should be asking is, is it appropriate for such a highstanding member of a party seeking governing power over this mighty and historic nation to be heard saying such things. Not in my name please. Is this what The United Kingdom represents? In my opinion it is just as ugly and nasty as being racist. Unfortunatly it seems ugly and nasty seem to be in fashion. Fortunatly we have gown out of picking on blacks and jews unfortunatly it is true that Muslims are the new target. So god help us all, (blacks jews and muslims included!)

Anonymous said...

Really guys get a grip!!!! i am definetally not a supporter of any racist group. i do support anyone wanting to prevent any more sponging useless idiots from other countries coming into the country and draining our already battered finances, i unlike most of you are one of the little people whos level all the immigrants and treasonous people get stuck in.
but it appears that any group that is against it is instantly racist and is boycotted at every oportunity.
yet in reverse nothing is ever done treasonous supposed brits are allowed to roam the country scott free living off our taxes that i have paid having claimed nothing back for my years. surely if we are going to give money away for nothing it should be to our elderly true british elderly !!! hey but no i cants say that because you morons will say i am racist !!! get a grip you bunch of idots and come back to the real planet not the dream world you are in try stepping into average joes shoes every now and then !!!!