Monday, February 16

UKIP 'non racist'? Oh, please

UKIP peer Lord Pearson has had his 15 minutes of fame in the media following the decision by the Home Office to ban the racist Dutch MP Geert Wilders from broadcasting his film Fitna, which makes the Koran out to be an incitement to terrorism. UKIP have done a neat smoke and mirrors exercise in the media to try and portray themselves (and Mr Wilders) as martyrs.

The side issue, aside from the important argument as to whether Mr Wilders should have been allowed into Britain on free speech grounds despite his 'quasi-BNP' views, is that by associating and allying themselves with a man who is not much more than a Dutch Nick Griffin (and believes in forced repatriation of immigrants and attacks on Muslims), UKIP have displayed more evidence of the racism that lies at their core. 'Non-racist' and 'non-sectarian'? Oh, please don't insult our intelligence.


Anonymous said...

Talking of lies,how's Corbett?

Everytime he appears on tv he seems to drop himself in it.

Never mind,this blithering idiot will soon be getting the boot.

UKIPWatcher said...

DOn't know, why don't you ask him yourself?

Anonymous said...

Tried to after the Lisbon Treaty lie,but you know old tricky Dickie,anything awkward and he scarpers off!

Anonymous said...

Islam is a religion, not a race.