Thursday, March 26

Bloom in bar room fracas? Surely not....

An anonymous conspirator sent UKIPwatch this story which is funny enough to deserve being posted in full.


Godfrey Bloom got it horribly wrong in a Brussels bar recently, when he had to be physically restrained from attacking a young gentleman. The man who once threatened to "do" Labour MEP Richard Corbett in a Strasbourg bar, had, unfortunately for him, turned on an undercover journalist.

"He's BNP" shouted fellow drinker Nigel Farage gleefully as Bloom went on the attack. The Yorkshire MEP, described by one of those who did the restraining as having "the physical presence of a marshmallow" is now almost permanently drunk, according to regulars of O'Farrell's bar in Brussels. Farage and Godders have a combined age of over 100 - which is probably about the same as their combined IQ - and are surely old enough not to have to behave like a couple of pissed-up students.

Perhaps the credit crunch has hit the MEP who once drunkenly lambasted east European MEPs in Strasbourg for not fully understanding hedge funds. How ironic.

Brilliant stuff!


Anonymous said...

On the subject on anonymous contributions, this seems too surreal to be true, and yet is raising a bee in the bonnet of various up and coming UKIP members (at least, as up and coming as they can be in a doomed party). Possibly worth keeping an eye on?


Eurosceptic Sceptic said...

Hi there - I like your blog. Good to keep tabs on the UKIP. I don't mind decent debate but some of the myths they propogate are just misleading and even lies. I have set up a blog focussing exclusively on misleading press reports in the British eurosceotic press to highlight how they are misleading their readers.

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