Monday, March 9

Bob Spink - UKIP MP, me? No I never even joined

U-kippers will be crying into their coffee following the news that Bob Spink will not be leading the UKIP charge at the next general election.

Spink, who (apparently) defected to UKIP from the Conservatives last March, told the House of Commons last week that “I belong to no party. I am an independent” and asserts in his local paper that he has never been a member of UKIP (although he does admit to supporting their stance on EU withdrawal). In his words, “I never formally joined UKIP and do not intend to do so”.

This came as news to UKIP spinner Tim Worstall who claimed that Spink was a party member, but conceded that “He has been issued a membership card, but he’s never actually paid for membership.” Unbelievable. UKIP have fewer than 15,000 members and a couple of parliamentarians. They must have known that Spink wasn’t actually a party member. UKIPwatch has said it before, but this kind of farce could only happen to UKIP.

No doubt the news will also come as a nasty shock to Nigel Farage, who welcomed Spink with open arms last year, and expressed that he was “delighted to welcome the hard working and deeply principled Bob Spink as our first Member of Parliament”. Oh dear, not quite so “principled” now is he Nigel?

As a side-note, UKIP don’t seem to have recognised the news – Spink still appears on their website as a UKIP MP. UKIPwatch will let you know when they finally get round to changing this.

Spink has also committed another volte face. Last year he said that he was looking forward to support from UKIP activists to help his doomed battle to keep his Castle Point seat. Having now recognised that this would kybosh any remaining chance of him even losing with dignity, Spink now says that he would not accept any activists’ help or financial support from UKIP. A wise move, Bob, but your career’s finished whatever you do.

Perhaps Tim Worstall or Gawain Towler could confirm that Lord Pearson and Lord Willoughby de Broke, UKIP peers in the House of Lords, are actual Party members and are not ‘considered’ to be members just because they think Britain should withdraw from the EU. Come to think of it, if UKIP are going to go around claiming people as party members because they are anti-EU why haven’t they claimed the Wintertons, Bill Cash and Richard Shepherd as members?


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Tansy said...

I'm curious UKIPwatch as to your motivation?

Are you supportive of the European project or simply against UKIP as a political party?

You clearly have much enthusiasm and energy but don't you think it would be better to be more positive in your outlook rather than be so obsessive in your own negativity?

I can't comment on your site statistics but judging by the very few comments left by observers, aren't you wasting your time?

Just a thought?

UKIPWatcher said...


With any luck UKIP will get crushed in June and there won't be any need for this site to exist.


Anonymous said...

UKIPWatcher said...

With any luck UKIP will get crushed in June and there won't be any need for this site to exist.


The bad boys are coming,Corbett is sh**ting himself.
You can hear the desperation ....
"Quick get the muslim vote out,make sure the ballot boxes are made of cardboard(easy access),and for God sake ,don't upset the postman.(postal votes fu***d)

Never mind,Corbett's not the only Liebour mep in trouble,thinking Midlands.(HA!HA! If only you knew)

Anyway its bye-bye Liebour.

NB Keep mandy where he is(HA! HA)!

Jack of Blades said...

"Thank you for coming today, and thank you for supporting our party. Yours faithfully, Bob Spink MP, proud to be your UKIP representative in Westminster."

I don't imagine this letter was fabricated, Corbett. Spink might technically not have 'signed on', but his claims never to have been on side are an obvious deceit.

Jack of Blades said...

Further to the above:

"Only the UK Independence Party can force this positive change. [re: CJS reform] This is another reason why I was honoured and delighted tojoin UKIP."

Bet he regrets having put that in writing now he's trying to consign his involvement to the memory hole.

Anonymous said...

"With any luck UKIP will get crushed in June and there won't be any need for this site to exist. "

You may have to exist for a while yet old son!