Monday, March 2

UKIP collapse continues with new breakaway party

Trouble in the UKIP heartlands as the Fenland branch of UKIP has been dissolved with its chair Len Baynes backing the break-away party launched by Tom Wise's assistant Peter Coles called United Kingdom First. Baynes claims that his branch had recently lost two-thirds of its membership of over 100 because of growing unrest about Nigel Farage's leadership.

Although UKF is probably going to struggle for cash, it still plans to put up candidates in two regions.

Once again, the green-ink brigade are in fine and furious form if anyone with a few minutes wants to read a handful of crazed men, united by the hatred of the EU, hurl abuse at each other.


Anonymous said...

Has Bob Spink left UKIP?

Anonymous said...

I think liebour should be worrying about it's own problems.
Word on the street is another mep seat will be falling,and there is panic.

Anonymous said...

Bob Spink never joined UKIP, and thousands of us wish we'd never joined too!

Farage is doing to UKIP what Scargill did to the NUM.