Tuesday, April 28

Wise in the dock

UKIPs 'plucky porker' Tom Wise finally appeared in court yesterday to face charges of money laundering and false accounting. He pleaded not guilty and has been released on conditional bail to reappear at the court on 8 June. UKIP are trying to distance themselves from Wise, with Farage telling anyone who'll listen that Wise was promptly expelled from UKIP when the allegations became public. Shame it's not true, eh Nige?

Indeed, despite the rubbery-faced Farage's claims, it seems that Wise is still chair of his local UKIP branch.

Is Tom Wise still a UKIP member, because this is just beyond a farce.

Bloom back in form

UKIPwatch was getting a bit concerned that Godfrey Bloom was going a bit soft in his old-age - mellowing, perhaps. He hadn't insulted anybody for weeks. We were delighted to see this wonderful, rambling, oafish speech from the mighty Bloomman.

Starting as he means to go on, Godders', in characteristically pompous style, tells MEPs that "I have spent 40 years in financial services, so I think perhaps I know a little bit about what I am talking about here".

40 years? No wonder our financial services sector is fucked!

What follows is a gentle, meandering ramble before Godders gets to the real meat of his short speech. You see, talking about legislation is too boring, demeaning even for a berk of his calibre. What Godfrey really wants to do is ignore the debate and shower everyone with a torrent of invective and abuse.

And here we are: Solvency II, which will, in his eyes, consist of "ignorant bureaucrats, Scandinavian houswives, Bulgarian mafia and Romanian peg-makers".

May God bless this stupid, boorish cretin.

Tuesday, April 21

Tom Wise charged with money laundering and false accounting

Not a great day for Nigel Farage, who woke up to the news that Tom Wise has been charged with two counts of financial irregularities.

This saga has been going on for over four years: Wise is alleged to have pretended that his own bank account was actually that of his researcher Lindsay Jenkins against EU rules. From November 2004 until October 2005, he is alleged to have channelled £39,100 into his own account, from which he paid Ms Jenkins £13,555, and spent some of the money on a new (French!) car. When the allegations surfaced in the newspapers, Mr Wise began repaying £25,530.

UKIPwatch has been following the story closely and got a lot of indignant abuse from the likes of UKIP press officer Gawain Towler and Bob Feal Martinez. Towler accused us of writing "unsubstantiated mud" when our posts referred to the allegations against Wise. Perhaps we can expect some apologies now that the Crown Prosecution Service has decided, after a lengthy investigation by Bedfordshire police, to charge Wise and his researcher Lindsay Jenkins with money laundering and false accounting. Wise and Lindsay Jenkins will appear in court next Monday

UKIPs internal handling of this matter has been marked by staggering incompetence. Wise was suspended by UKIP, then exonerated by an internal inquiry led by new South-West MEP Trevor Colman, then had the whip withdrawn in March 2007 following fresh revelations, before being reinstated again, and was finally kicked out in May 2008.

Wise has been a walking embarrassment for UKIP, especially after he was exposed by an undercover reporter for the News of the World, boasting about how little work he did and the ways he ripped off his expenses claims.

This means that two out of the twelve UKIP MEPs will have faced criminal charges for financial irregularities, while it is also alleged that Jeffrey Titford and Derek Clark are also subject to OLAF investigations.

It goes without saying that Wise has not been convicted: he remains innocent until proven guilty. But the criminal charges against him are a hammer blow to UKIPs European election campaign. How can they possibly claim that they are 'sleaze free' and working to under 'EU corruption' when the reality of UKIP representation in Brussels is embodied by Ashley Mote jailed for fraud, and Tom Wise in the dock for money laundering and false accounting?

Thursday, April 16

Animal loving UKIP - part two

UKIPwatch was delighted to be shown this press clipping from the Kidderminster local paper indicating that UKIPs Mike Nattrass has finally seen the light, calling for the EU to slap a total ban on the use of all animals in scientific experiments

Praise be to Mr Nattrass, who says that he will support a revised EU directive on scientific experiments provided it includes a total ban on the use of primates, although his conversion may cause some consternation among other UKIP MEPs and party members who don't recognise the legitimacy of the EU. Maybe Nattrass will try and convert his huntin' and shootin' friends...

Tuesday, April 14

UKIP activists: stand for another party or don't vote

U-kippers will be distressed to see what has become of their former favourites Robin Page and Gregg Beaman. One Man and His Dog star, Robin Page is standing for the breakaway party United Kingdom First Party (UKFP) that, after being formed by former UKIP chairwoman Petrina Holdsworth and a handful of other disaffected UKIP activists, is standing candidates in the South East and Eastern regions where UKIP have 2 seats, while Beaman, UKIPs organiser for the North West from 2004 to 2008, has urged people not to vote UKIP in the European elections this June.

Page, or the "Vocal Yokel" as he likes to be called, wanted to be a UKIP candidate this year but then threw his toys out of the pram when Nigel Farage refused to let him. Neither Page nor any other UKFP candidates have any chance of being elected but this collection of people who were too bonkers even for UKIP are sure to provide some humour during the Euro election campaign.

Beaman, meanwhile, was elected as UKIP's No 1 candidate on the North-West list and could (with sitting MEP John Whittaker standing down) have claimed to have a small chance of being elected. But, being the transparent and democratic party that it is, the UKIP leadership 'persuaded' Beaman to stand down and allow Paul Nuttall (who, by sheer coincidence, had just been appointed as Chairman of UKIP) to take the No 1 spot instead.

Both Beaman and Page are united in believing that UKIPs MEPs have been a complete waste of space and have achieved nothing in Brussels other than securing decent pensions for themselves, going 'native' and getting on the 'gravy train'. Still, you'd think that such fervent EU haters would be prepared to hold their noses and vote UKIP one more time….

Things really must be getting desperate when UKIPs most prominent activists are either standing for other parties or urging people not to bother voting in the European elections.

Thursday, April 2

Farage acknowledges that UKIPs game is up?

Nigel Farage has been getting himself out and about recently and has been interviewed by Tory blogger Iain Dale in this month's GQ. Nige is pretty much the only UKIP MEP to get any press coverage or TV appearances (presumably because he is the only elected U-kipper who can string a coherent sentence together without sounding like a swivel-eyed lunatic). However, while he and his minions have been talking a good game about the Euro elections, he seems a bit more candid in this interview.

Farage plaintively says, "if we do badly, then I’ve tried my hardest, and that’s that. It will be time for someone else to do it” and then adds “I have tried to change the party, to modernize it, change the attitude and outlook." Given that he has to deal with the collection of nut-jobs and cretins that frequent the so-called Democracy Forum of UKIP supporters, it almost makes you feel sorry for him.

Still, it seems as though Farage has realised that the game is up. Let's hope so.