Tuesday, April 28

Bloom back in form

UKIPwatch was getting a bit concerned that Godfrey Bloom was going a bit soft in his old-age - mellowing, perhaps. He hadn't insulted anybody for weeks. We were delighted to see this wonderful, rambling, oafish speech from the mighty Bloomman.

Starting as he means to go on, Godders', in characteristically pompous style, tells MEPs that "I have spent 40 years in financial services, so I think perhaps I know a little bit about what I am talking about here".

40 years? No wonder our financial services sector is fucked!

What follows is a gentle, meandering ramble before Godders gets to the real meat of his short speech. You see, talking about legislation is too boring, demeaning even for a berk of his calibre. What Godfrey really wants to do is ignore the debate and shower everyone with a torrent of invective and abuse.

And here we are: Solvency II, which will, in his eyes, consist of "ignorant bureaucrats, Scandinavian houswives, Bulgarian mafia and Romanian peg-makers".

May God bless this stupid, boorish cretin.


Anonymous said...

Talking of old age people,how is Corbett getting on? The word is,he's got his incontinence pants on,and having to do some really hard work due to the bad boys in town.LOL

peter patrick glancy campbell said...

show me the man who will cast the first stone of perfection in politics ? ....and i will call him a liar ? there was such a man ?.....but we NAILED HIM TO A CROSS? ...KNOW PRIZE GIVEN FOR HIS NAME ...BUT A BIG PRIZE WILL BE GIVEN BY HIM IF YOU MAKE FREINDS? SEEK HIM NOW ???