Tuesday, April 14

UKIP activists: stand for another party or don't vote

U-kippers will be distressed to see what has become of their former favourites Robin Page and Gregg Beaman. One Man and His Dog star, Robin Page is standing for the breakaway party United Kingdom First Party (UKFP) that, after being formed by former UKIP chairwoman Petrina Holdsworth and a handful of other disaffected UKIP activists, is standing candidates in the South East and Eastern regions where UKIP have 2 seats, while Beaman, UKIPs organiser for the North West from 2004 to 2008, has urged people not to vote UKIP in the European elections this June.

Page, or the "Vocal Yokel" as he likes to be called, wanted to be a UKIP candidate this year but then threw his toys out of the pram when Nigel Farage refused to let him. Neither Page nor any other UKFP candidates have any chance of being elected but this collection of people who were too bonkers even for UKIP are sure to provide some humour during the Euro election campaign.

Beaman, meanwhile, was elected as UKIP's No 1 candidate on the North-West list and could (with sitting MEP John Whittaker standing down) have claimed to have a small chance of being elected. But, being the transparent and democratic party that it is, the UKIP leadership 'persuaded' Beaman to stand down and allow Paul Nuttall (who, by sheer coincidence, had just been appointed as Chairman of UKIP) to take the No 1 spot instead.

Both Beaman and Page are united in believing that UKIPs MEPs have been a complete waste of space and have achieved nothing in Brussels other than securing decent pensions for themselves, going 'native' and getting on the 'gravy train'. Still, you'd think that such fervent EU haters would be prepared to hold their noses and vote UKIP one more time….

Things really must be getting desperate when UKIPs most prominent activists are either standing for other parties or urging people not to bother voting in the European elections.

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