Tuesday, April 28

Wise in the dock

UKIPs 'plucky porker' Tom Wise finally appeared in court yesterday to face charges of money laundering and false accounting. He pleaded not guilty and has been released on conditional bail to reappear at the court on 8 June. UKIP are trying to distance themselves from Wise, with Farage telling anyone who'll listen that Wise was promptly expelled from UKIP when the allegations became public. Shame it's not true, eh Nige?

Indeed, despite the rubbery-faced Farage's claims, it seems that Wise is still chair of his local UKIP branch.

Is Tom Wise still a UKIP member, because this is just beyond a farce.


Anonymous said...

If it's not true that Nigel Farage promptly expelled Tom Wise then what did happen?

HarveyR said...

On what appears to be his own website (www.tomwisemep.co.uk) he says he's no longer a meber of UKIP.

No mention of being expelled, though.