Tuesday, May 12

Godders' answer to population growth - smoke yourself to death

The amusing Hugh Muir has this little piece in the Guardian poking fun at UKIPwatch’s richest source of fun, Godfrey Bloom. His description of Godders as “the self-styled Andy Capp of the European Parliament” is particularly apt.

It seems as though Godders’ solution to halt global population growth is to get people smoking cigs. In Godders’ words, “we are too many on this planet anyway and we are also getting older, who is going to pay for all those pensions if smokers are not dying?” Well said Godfrey, we should all be as selfless as you and smoke ourselves to an early grave.

With high quality English and first rate logic like this, it is amazing that Godders’ has not enjoyed a stellar political career.

The magnificent Mr Muir also draws attention to Godders' binge-drinking prowess. Godders, lest we forget, tried to outdo William Hague's 'I drank 16 pints' claims by telling his local paper that he maintained a proud record of at least one session of 8 pints or more each week. UKIPwatch now realises why Godfrey looks about twenty years older than his 59 years, but worries about the effect on his liver from an estimated 17,472 pints.

As Hugh says, while UKIPwatch would miss Godfrey immensely if he were to lose his seat, "looked at from this perspective, wouldn't more free time for Godfrey suit everybody?"


Anonymous said...

It looks like Corbett's joining him.

Anonymous said...

Gotta admit the reason I like UKIP is Nigel Farage.

Anonymous said...

Are you watching very closely UKIP watch? I have a huge portion of humble pie you can have come 4th June. LOL.