Tuesday, May 19

UKIP clowns - Why the UK should leave the UK

UKIP may have been given an undeserved boost by the MPs’ expenses saga, (although the press are now starting to cotton on to the fact that, having had one MEP jailed for fraud and another facing trial for money laundering and false accounting, UKIP make the other parties look as pure as the driven snow) but there are familiar reminders of their incompetence.

This link to their website deserves to be posted in full –


Kind of says it all, really.


Some bloke on the internet said...

I'm new to this - when you put "says it all". I don't get it.

The guy being interviewed didn't seem to have an answer to the GDP question and perhaps got mixed up with the money we put in and take out directly. Is that what you're talking about?


Some bloke on the internet said...

P.S. Normally I can "follow" blogs - can't seem to do that on this one. Any tips?

Anonymous said...

i dont get your point your trying to argue against UKIP but you put that link up for a vid which in turn acctually makes me think they are a pretty good party to vote for and when you say "UK should leave the UK" the vid name was acctually "UK should leave the EU" which i think we should. As i said im not sure if your against or for UKIP but TBH by watching that vid i think i will vote UKIP