Monday, May 18

What became of the UKIP 12?

With the MPs’ expenses scandal dominating the news and doing enormous damage to the three main parties, it looks likely that one or more of the minor parties will get a big boost in support at next month's European elections.

But if anyone wants to register a protest vote against the major parties and thinks UKIP are a decent bunch of people who can be trusted, they should read this and think again. ‘What became of the UKIP Twelve?’ is a catalogue of corruption, fraud, jail terms, incompetence, racism and much more. A collection of UKIPwatch's 'greatest hits' if you will. Ahem.

The British people have been let down by some of their MPs, but also by the 12 UKIP MEPs, most of which fall into one of the following categories: useless, corrupt, bigoted and extremist. To any right-thinking person, voting UKIP on June 4th is definitely not the answer.

Happy reading!



Tansy said...

Thanks UKIP Watch! Much of it is completely out of date of course but no doubt you'll be raking up the same old non-stories in 2014! I look forward to your next instalment, when of course you will need to keep track of soooo many more UKIP MEPs. You'll need to take on some staff to cope I should imagine? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I've never read such obscene shit in my life. You ridicule Robert Kilroy-Silk and then supposedly use him as a reliable source of derision against your own arguments.

The majority of shit you have here is heresay and propaganda. Ashley Mote was NEVER a UKIP MEP! To Silk, UKIP was always a personal vehicle for him, NOTHING else! One of the biggest anti-UKIP gobshites is Greg Lance Watkins, who has NEVER been a UKIP member.

What an utter buch of cunts you all are - very obviously BNP, as that is whom you're handing a victory to.

Anonymous said...

Quick question Richard: Are you still employing 'the person who is related to you by marriage'?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Tansy, he wont be able to hire any more staff for this site....he won't be an MEP!!! LOL!