Wednesday, June 3

Bloom’s family affair – he scams taxpayer so parliamentary staff work for his investment company

Another missive from UKIPs most gregarious of buffoons, Godfrey Bloom, with the Times exposing the fact that Godders has been gloriously ripping off the taxpayer by paying his parliamentary staff (using taxpayers’ money) to work for his investment company.

Still, why should anyone doubt a man who has the sheer gall to say: “I am pretty well known as the cleanest MEP in town. All of the people who work for me are fully qualified and trustworthy.”

Of particular amusement to UKIPwatch is that Bloom has always claimed that he does not employ any family members, ignoring the fact that one of the three assistants is his niece!

According to the Times:

“Emma Brader, his accredited parliamentary assistant, and Victoria Skowronek, his secretarial assistant, were both working in the York headquarters of TBO Investments yesterday, six days before the European elections. David McLaughlin, another member of his staff, is a director of TBO Investments.”


“(Bloom) confirmed yesterday that Ms Skowronek was his niece and lives next door to him in Wressle, East Yorkshire.

Also good to see that Godders’ renowned charm has still not deserted him. Have a look at this wonderful careers advice he offers his staff should he get deservedly beaten tomorrow:

“Ms Brader, 26, a leading point-to-point rider, wrote on Facebook that if Mr Bloom was not re-elected: “This would mean that Vicki and I would lose our jobs and Godfrey says we’d have to go on the game, but we wouldn’t make much money because we are too old!”

Bloom’s company TBO investment was recently fined by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for inadequate supervision and monitoring of staff providing advice to clients and for inadequate record keeping between December 2001 and October 2007, but that’s a story UKIPwatch will return to……