Tuesday, August 25

See you in Southport

Ukipwatch was delighted to receive the details for UKIP conference 2009, which this year is being brought to you from Southport.

This year's treats start on Thursday evening with stand-up 'comedy' from (it's the way I tell 'em) Frank Carson, who will be sure to wow the masses with his unique brand of risqué politically-incorrect humour circa 1974. Ukipwatch will be taking a strait jacket with her to make sure that her sides don't split.

Friday promises to be pretty dull, however, offering us all the opportunity to head down to the beach to catch a few hours of rays, with a series of worthy speeches, before returning for a nice piss-up at the leaders' lunch!

We're most looking forward to the award of party medals on Saturday. Hope UKIPwatcher has been nominated!

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