Wednesday, August 19

Stuart Agnew and the missing passport

Norfolk farmer Stuart Agnew took over Tom Wise’s UKIP seat for the East of England in June, and has already indicated an ability to rival his predecessor’s reputation for dimness.

Agnew, to whom the rest of Europe is clearly something of an inconvenience, turned up at St Pancras to travel to his first Parliament session minus his passport (either in the belief that he wouldn’t need it, or, perhaps, because he hasn’t ever left fair Blighty).

UKIP members of the European Parliament obviously have their reservations about the institution that they have joined – but you would expect such up-right citizens to assiduously attend their place of work. Forgetting one’s passport is up there with “my dog ate my homework”.

At least Nigel Farage has got more of a sense of humour than the hapless Agnew, telling the Torygraph that, "He turned up at the station, saying, 'Oh my God, I've forgotten my passport,' smiled sweetly at the staff there, saying, 'I've just been elected,' and, would you believe it, they let him through. It has been the cause of a lot of hilarity in the party. How he managed to board the train is beyond me." Dear old thing.

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