Thursday, August 27

UKIPs enemy of taste lusts after Amanda Knox

Another delightful story - as a UKIP councillor for Merthyr Tydfil has launched a poll on the following carnal question. "Amanda Knox? Would you….?"

Amanda Knox is currently on trial for murder.

Still, in lusting after women with a dodgy past, Councillor Adam Brown is bringing nothing new to UKIP. Godfrey Bloom admitted to lusting after Mussolini's granddaughter a couple of years ago.

However, UKIPwatch could not hide a smirk when the berk Brown initially told his local paper that the Amanda Knox poll was nothing more than "an example of laddish behaviour on a football message board over two years". On being reminded that the posting in question had actually occurred a month rather than two years ago, he hastily changed tack, denying all knowledge and demanding to revise his statement. Smooth.

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