Tuesday, September 22

Irish "No" campaign tells UKIP to get stuffed

On October 2nd, the Irish people will vote for a second time on whether to approve the Lisbon Treaty. It's not the only thing that’s happened twice. Despite shouting their mouths off criticising the EU for interfering with other countries political systems, UKIP have been doing precisely that in Ireland. Next week, for a second time, UKIPs attempt to lead the "No" campaign and interfere in the politics of Ireland will come to an end. Never mind, eh, who ever said that UKIP weren't a bunch of stinking hypocrites?

As in last year's referendum, UKIP and their allies in Brussels have ploughed cash and campaigning resources into Ireland. This time around, they have sent a leaflet to 1.5 million homes in Ireland. Meanwhile, Nigel Farage has been going around the Emerald Isle, unintentionally drumming up support for the "Yes" campaign. This is a hilarious prospect - can you imagine: Nigel in his pin-stripes, Godfrey Bloom in his bowler hat, braying for Britain, and how that would go down with the fine people of Galway, Kerry, and Cork (the latter particularly proud of its role in the struggles around the 1916 Easter Rising)? Do that for a couple of weeks and there'd be no need for anyone else to do any campaigning!

Moreover, the media darling of last year's successful "No" campaign Declan Ganley (yes, remember him) of Libertas, has also taken umbrage at UKIPs antics, telling them to "pack up its tent and go home" and adding that UKIPs interference in the Irish campaign was "unwarranted, unwelcome, unhelpful and unnecessary". Given that Ganley basically bankrolled last year's "No" campaign and was widely expected to make a deal with UKIP before this June's Euro elections, this will be a huge shock for all U-kippers.

They would have been less surprised by Labour Youth and other pro-treaty groups accusing them of being racist and extreme right-wingers.

UKIPwatch was particularly amused by Farage's latest rant in Dublin, in which he accused the EU of forcing Ireland to give up its independence and that it wished to be "a global superpower, both economically and militarily". Maybe he was really talking about UKIP? UKIP must be flush with cash to be able to organise a 1.5 million leaflet drop, and Bloom, Derek 'deadweight' Clark and Mike Nattrass must have some old bayonets hanging around for when the revolution comes!

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Anonymous said...

As usual you have no grasp of the situation.

UKIP isn't ploughing money in, nor is UKIP involved. I think the YES side are the "stinking hypocrites" here.

You are happy to play on Nigels nationality, just because he's English and leads a multi-national group of MEPs, of which the EU Parliament is paying for the leaflet to every home. If UKIP did that it would be illeagal, hence why they dont do it and it is morally wrong.

The YES side has unlimited resources and personnel thrown in from the EU, foreign commissioners, foreign MEPs and sponsered EU academcis are touring Ireland and universities promoting the Treaty, but do they get abused and told they are interfering? no.

All the EFD group are doing are balancing the argument in the referendum, the NO side is outspent by 10 to 1! and the YES side are still nervous.

I think that is telling...