Friday, September 25

UKIPs lie-ridden Lisbon leaflet ripped apart by the Irish

Although UKIPwatch knew that UKIPs group had sent a glossy leaflet campaigning for a "No" vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum (and had highlighted the bare-faced hypocrisy of UKIP meddling in the political affairs of Ireland), we hadn't been aware of the amateurish nature of some of the fibs they told in it.

The Irish Labour party have done a great job ripping the UKIP leaflet to bits.

So, what have UKIP said? There are a number of glaring lies. Firstly, it is implicitly anti-Muslim (not a surprise, since UKIP remain a racist party), by telling people that the treaty would lead to Turkey joining the EU. They also claim that Ireland will lose control over its immigration policy, conveniently ignoring the fact that Ireland has an opt-out from EU law in this area. That's the spirit UKIP - vote "Yes" and Europe will be full of 'swarthy Turks'!

Similarly, they allege that the treaty is a threat to Ireland's tax rates, despite the fact that every single EU treaty states that tax matters are up to individual countries, and that Ireland will have to pay more to the EU budget, again ignoring the fact that Lisbon would not change the size or contributions to the EU budget.

Again, they repeat the same old rubbish about the Lisbon Treaty turning the EU into a "superstate" in which Ireland, the UK and the rest would merely be 'provinces'. Yeah, right.

Most amusing is their reference to the rulings of the European Court of Justice on the Viking, Laval and Ruffert cases, stating that these rulings mean that foreign workers can be employed in Ireland on lower wages than nationals. It caused UKIPwatch to break into a wry grin for several reasons. Firstly, U-kippers don't mind bringing in foreign workers and treating them like shit - remember former leader Roger Knapman being caught after having imported some Polish labourers to come and do some re-building of his country mansion in order to save himself a few quid! Secondly, of course, is that it's not true - EU law explicitly says that foreign workers cannot be paid less than the rates laid down in national law.

In other words, an amateurish document from an amateur party, although one suspects that a certain flamboyant UKIP spin-doctor by the name G. Towler has been involved in penning it. UKIPwatch hopes not, because, love or loath him, Mr T usually writes elegantly and without talking a load of dishonest bollocks. Maybe it was contracted out to one of UKIPs less cerebral officials (of which there are countless).

Come on UKIP! Surely your research team can do better than that?!


Anonymous said...

Lies im sure get you everywhere.

No chance you could call UKIP publicly, because u'd be sued out of your pants haha.

The immigration policy is important.. Mr. Sarkozy said there won't be any enlargement until lisbon is rejecting the lisbon treaty will block enlargement to turkey...or at least hold it up....
UK has an opt-out i believe, but it can't affect EU free movement of as soon as they get an EU passport all we can do is wave 75 million people in if they all wished to come. madness.

Ever heard about the Eu trying to harmonise corporate tax...i think you might know about that one.

The lisbon treaty will make us all into a is the last time there will be a treaty, vote or national is a self amending treaty!

The laval and viking cases are quite correct... if you come from a member state who has lower wages etc than your country, then its the workers home country that the labour laws will affect those workers...

Lies, spin and slander. All in a days work for the Labour Party!

ken said...

id just like to share this

this is a statement by the irish labour court relating to the UKIP bull on Laval. also reiterated by the last poster.

laval only applied to states in which their collective bargaining or national wage agreements are not legaly binding. like sweden.

if people wanted to campaign against lisbon they could at least have been truthfull

also please dont confuse our labour party with yours