Wednesday, October 7

Irish Europe Minister - "Farage secured big "Yes" vote for Lisbon Treaty"

Congratulations are due to UKIP for their brilliantly successful campaign for a "Yes" vote in the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - according to Ireland's Europe Minister Dick Roche. Having poured resources in terms of cash (through its so-called political group, which consists of UKIP, the xenophobic Northern League and a few other barm-pots) and staff, UKIP, in their own little way persuaded over 67% of the Irish people to vote in favour of the Treaty.

Pin-striped wonder Nigel Farage thought that he could match his chum Declan Ganley in masterminding a "No" campaign. As UKIPwatch reported a couple of weeks ago, Ganley told him to get stuffed and then, last Friday, so did the Irish people.

Nigel, not being the sort of chap who takes such a resounding defeat lying down, responded by lecturing the Irish on democracy, comparing their referendum to elections in Zimbabwe, and adding, in supercilious fashion that:

"I fear that you'll look back in Ireland on this day and you'll realise that it marked the beginning of the end of your relatively brief period of independence as a nation".

Ireland's Europe Minister, Dick Roche, responded by giving Nige both barrels, saying that UKIPs maestro had no understanding of the Irish psyche and adding that UKIPs intervention in the referendum campaign had been "hugely beneficial because people were asking: What in the name of God is UKIP doing in this country telling us what to do".

Anyways, back to the drawing board for UKIP, because the Irish referendum, combined with this report that Czech President Vaclav Klaus will sign the Treaty before Christmas, means that their Lisbon Treaty goose is almost certainly cooked.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Irish in voting yes to a treaty that will result in more decisions being made by unelected bureaucrats, passed by qualified majority voting and leading to less democratic accountability. Apparently we're going to have a Euro Foreign Minister and a President now. Wake up to what's going on before its too late!