Wednesday, October 7

Oafish Bloom banned by the FSA

The marvellous buffoon that is Godfrey Bloom likes to think of himself as something of a financial expert. It has even been alleged that several of the assistants he pays using his parliamentary allowance, actually work for one of the companies he is associated with (although UKIP could not possibly comment). However, his knowledge, wit and expertise did not go down too well with Lord Adair Turner, director of the Financial Services Authority, at a Mansion House speaker last week.

Lord Turner gave a detailed and carefully prepared speech about lessons to be learnt from the financial crisis. Good old Godders gave Lord Turner a piece of his (small) mind.

The unctuous Bloom (presumably having enjoyed a fine dinner) thus became the first person in living memory to heckle a Mansion House speaker and, consequently, has been banned by the Lord Mayor's office. In a stiffly worded note to UKIP, the Lord Mayor's office said:
"Mr Bloom will not be receiving any further invitations to Mansion House events nor will be welcome at the Brussels Annual reception….at which Lord Turner is the keynote speaker". Ouch:

Needless to say, the oafish Bloom (who, were he fifty years younger and did not affect a bowler hat, would make a high-class football hooligan) was not prepared to take this affront to his dignity lying down. In his words:

"Being censored by the silent sycophants is hardly a punishment is hardly a punishment. Lord Adair heads the failed FSA, and denounces the City. I denounce him".

Touché. Or perhaps I should say touchy!

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