Tuesday, November 10

Didn't anyone tell Nikki?

In an astonishing display of either ignorance or denial, Nikki Sinclaire (wannabe Leader of UKIP), said on Radio 5 that “Ashley Mote was not a UKIP MEP”. She then repeated “Ashley Mote was never ever a UKIP MEP”. UKIPwatcher nearly fell of the chair! Elected as one of UKIP's top two candidates in the South East region in 2004, Mote was only chucked out of UKIP when the fraud charges were in the media, after the election. Even Farage, his fellow candidate in the South East, doesn't deny Mote was a UKIP member.

These amazing (and ridiculous) statements were made in response to Richard Corbett saying on the same programme that “Ashley Mote was elected as UKIP”. She declared this statement by Corbett as “blatantly untrue” (For good measure, she went on to claim that the Conservative Party is a “Euro-federalist party”, which will be news to most people!).

UKIPwatcher can fully understand the embarrassment of being associated with Mote, and indeed others, but to blatantly try to rewrite history and deny he ever represented UKIP is bit much.



Bugail Aberdyfi said...

I did hear that on 5live as well. I have heard the same argument before by other ukippers.
The other is saying that when tom wise was discovered commiting fraud, he had the whip withdrawn in European parliament, the problem is that of course there is no such thing as 'whip' in the parliament.

Anonymous said...
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