Friday, November 20

Here we go again!

Daniel Foggo (The Times, page 15) reports on yet another UKIP MEP fraud inquiry.

Mike Nattrass is now being investigated by OLAF, the EU’s anti-fraud watchdog over how he has used his Parliamentary expenses. Nattrass was elected to represent the West Midlands in the European Parliament in 2004 and the inquiry focuses on whether he paid Denis Brookes, then supposedly his parliamentary assistant, through the public purse while he was in fact working as UKIP's Regional Organiser.

It also seems that Nattrass has misunderstood the very strict Parliamentary rule that an MEP cannot be his/her own paying agent for salaries to staff. It would seem that since 2004 until earlier this year, the staff salaries allowances were put through “the business account of Nattrass Giles, a chartered surveyors in Birmingham which he founded nearly 30 years ago.”

Nattrass claims that although he was a signatory to the account, all the administration was carried out by another partner in the firm. He also claims that Parliamentary officials said it was OK for him to use his Birmingham company.

It seems all UKIPwatcher’s posts at the moment are about MEPs, elected to represent UKIP, either getting jail sentences for fraud or being investigated for fraud. How many more are there?


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Anonymous said...

Complete hogwash. UKIP chucks out bad apples unlike the other parties. Denis Brookes was paid that way because the disgusting corrupt EU, insisted on it; your story is completely wrong.