Sunday, November 22

The mental health of UKIP activists with their obsessive hatred of anything and everything to do with the EU is highlighted by the BBC report of their leadership hustings in Peterborough.

Tellingly, the BBC reporter notes that “every conversation seems eventually to land up in Brussels and its evils”.

He speaks of “hard core political activists whose every moment seems dominated by the threat of a European super state.”

The activists are, it seems, mostly “in their late middle age, but there is a smattering of younger types, dressed twenty years too old for their age”

The BBC reports that “none of the candidates are household names”, but that “whoever wins this contest will have a highly committed bunch of believers” to pursue their policies which one of their activists admits is about “fishing in the same pond as the BNP".



Anonymous said...

What a lame blog this is. This post has been upa week and I'm the first comment.
And don't you have anything to say about the electionof Malcolm Pearson today?
Loks like UKIP have beaten you. Why not go and do something more useful with your time.

Anonymous said...

Pointing out how stupid UKIP act is a useful exercise. Their incompetences need pointing out to the public and the verging on retarded paranoid rants about Europe need exposing for the crap they are.