Monday, December 14

In a letter to the Western Morning News on 8 Dec,a certain Jeff Beer of UKIP tried to defend UKIP's record of corrupt Members. Ashley Mote, he says, was (eventually) "thrown out of the party" but "under EU rules" still held his seat as an Independent (quite what "EU rules" have to do with it is unclear: British electoral law says, and always has said, that you keep your seat if you change party). As to Tom Wise, he "was caught by party officials who reported him" (but did nothing about it for years).

As to Nigel Farage, Mr Beer is revealing: apparently, we should not worry about reports that Farage was "boasting about his wildly excessive expenses tab", because "Mr Farage has legally and properly spent them on party affairs".

If indeed he is using his parliamentary expenses on party affairs this would be illegal. Can we assume that UKIP officials will now report him too?

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