Thursday, January 14

Godders reprents The City?

The good citizens of Yorkshire will be no doubt be tad irked to find that their UKIP representative in the European Parliament, Godfrey Bloom, feels his time in the Parliament is better spent talking on behalf of the City of London!

Godfrey "........makes no apology for speaking on behalf of the financial services of the city of London" In contrast, Linda McAvan, Yorkshire and Humber's Labour MEP said "I represent Yorkshire. It's where I come from, it's where I live and the people of Yorkshire elected me."

Godfrey Bloom (born in London!) is a UKIP MEP for Yorkshire. Every time there is a new set of 27 Commissioners (one from each member state) they have to come before the European Parliament to answer questions. If the MEPs are unhappy, they get chucked out (technically the MEPs threaten to chuck them all out, and an agreement is made), a bit like the Hearings for the presidential appointment in the US.

One Commissioner-designate, Michel Barnier, who is a very able French politician, faced the European Parliament's internal market committee. He performed extremely well. The UK press are very interested as he will be responsible for upcoming reforms in the banking/finance/City area. Godders asked a question about financial regulation. He asked the Commissioner-designate a question including the phrase "I am talking here on behalf of the financial services of the City of London". Other MEPS were asking him "Question? Where is the Question?" and the Commissioner (who has had a lot of contact in the meanwhile with The City, the FSA etc.) replied, including the phrase "You have the right to express your belief. It surprised me that you were speaking on behalf of the London Financial Services Industry, I believe you are supposed to speak on behalf of your constituents?" (people laughed and smiled). Godfrey then goes on to say " I make no apology for speaking on behalf of London." You can watch for yourself by clicking here. Godders starts at about 18.51



Anonymous said...

A sense hipocracy! - former Labour MEP Corbett - whos office used to run this site used to live in Holland - when he was an MEP for Yorkshire!

Steve Fowler's Blog. said...

Hello, waste of space ,politically correct Labour party in Brussels!. Got nothing better to do then UKIP bashing.

Anonymous said...

I see, so is anything in this entry false? Saying "the Labour party is bad" means nothing if UKIP is worse.

Anonymous said...

Above ^

The words "practice what you preach dumbass" spring to mind.

Anonymous said...

"Above ^

The words "practice what you preach dumbass" spring to mind."

Your god damn right they do, if UKIP did some actual research, stopped lying, committing fraud and pandering to xenophobes they might actually open up some sorely needed debate on the EU.