Wednesday, January 20

UKIP attack women who wear burka

Some controversy for UKIP on the announcement of their wish to ban women from wearing the burka in public.

It led to a series of letters in yesterday's Times where Alan Sked, one of the original founders of UKIP said: "Sir, During the greatest financial crisis facing this country since the 1930s, how typical it is of UKIP’s present pathetic leadership that its flagship policy for the forthcoming general election should be to attack the less than 1 per cent of our female population who wear the burka. This is desperate and inane.

If the party is really so obsessed with race, immigration and Islam, it should simply merge with the BNP, which it increasingly resembles. Why have a competition in intolerance? Why not present a united front? After all the political expediency that drives both these anti-EU parties to take up seats in the European Parliament surely dictates such a measure. But let us dismiss any thought that either of them represents “British values”.

I founded UKIP as a tolerant, liberal and democratic party. By 1997 I could already see the far-right writing on the wall and quit as party leader and member. It is a decision that I have never regretted, now least of all. I hope that all decent people will condemn the party as you did in your splendid leading article.
Dr Alan Sked
London N1

The Leader article "Veil of Ignorance", which was published on the 16th January, was a very thoughtful piece and went on to highlight UKIP's inconsistencies. After all, were they worried about women being "marginalised" when Godders said "any small businessman or woman who employs a woman of child-bearing age needs their head examined” or that women don't clean behind the fridge enough"? UKIPwatcher thinks not.

Nigel Farage knows a bandwagon when he sees one and jumped on board at the speed of light - it is already known that is his successor as leader of UKIP, Lord Pearson, has said he wants to step up the party's campaign against radical Islam. Nigel said "What we are saying is, this is a symbol. It's a symbol of something that is used to oppress women." "And the real worry - and it isn't just about what people wear - the real worry is that we are heading towards a situation where many of our cities are ghettoised and there is even talk about Sharia law becoming part of British culture."



Anonymous said...


This blog's still going despite being outed as a Labour Party project.

We've missed you.

"Lord Pearson, has said he wants to step up the party's campaign against radical Islam".

Radical Islam?? What's wrong with standing up to radical Islam?

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Been a bit quiet for a while havn't we UKIP watch? (NEW Labour smear campaign)