Thursday, February 25

No respect for the House!

Nigel Farage showed what a distasteful man he is by showing no respect to the House (European Parliament in session) by rudely rounding on Herman Van Rompuy yesterday after the President of the European Council had given his first speech to the Parliament since his appointment by all the Heads of State of the member states of the EU. He insulted the man personally and professionally.

Mr Van Rompuy is apparently known to be a quiet, thoughtful and polite man with huge intellectual ability -regardless of whether you support his position. The same cannot be said for Mr Farage who yesterday showed himself to be just plain rude. Joseph Daul, head of the centre-right EPP party suggested that the UK should leave the EU if it was so unhappy following Farage's outburst and Socialist leader Martin Schulz said it "would be better for Mr Farage to resign." He also accused Farage as having no respect for the House.

Farage seems unclear as to what he wants. Should he not be happy that the new President is not an internationally renowned figure (although he is with 27 Prime Ministers and Heads of Government and many other world leaders)? Does he want a dashing, charasmatic figure at the helm?

It seems to UKIPwatcher though this this was probably just an opportunity for the wily prospective candidate for Westminster to raise his profile in the British press just months away from a General Election, which he has succeeded in doing. Most likely is that Farage was so extreme in his attack that he hoped to incur disciplinary action from Buzek, who was chairing the session. That did not happen.