Thursday, April 15

You really can't make it up!

Paul Wiffen, Ukip's parliamentary candidate and Redbridge council hopeful has quit after making racist comments about The Queen, just days after sparking controversy for previous remarks about Muslims and Romanian gypsies.

Paul Wiffen, who was standing for the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in Ilford South as well as Chadwell ward, has stepped down after it emerged he made derogatory remarks about Her Majesty on Facebook.

In a conversation on the social network website, Mr Wiffen responded to a comment made by an American about the Queen, saying: “If you want one so bad, you can have the German bitch who has just handed our sovereignty to Europe without a murmur!”, according to the Evening Standard.

Selected, de-selected, re-selected and now de-selected! You can't make it up!


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