Wednesday, August 18

Lord Pearson resigns

Controversial UKIP leader, Lord Pearson has resigned, saying he “wasn’t much good at party politics”.

Was he always a stand-in while Farage pursued his failed attempt to unseat Bercow?

And just to remind us over the summer that UKIP is a party of dinosaurs, Mike Natrass, their West Midlands MEP, pops up to denounce the government for its attempts to find alternatives to fossil fuels. In a press release he says that he "fears the Government is laying the foundations for an environmental assault where wind turbines and incinerators would spread across the country at an alarming rate."

This, shock, horror, is because “from next week a ‘Feed in Tariff’ will apply to local authorities which would allow councils to sell electricity to the national grid." Imagine!

Mr Nattrass said: “The Government is simply opening the flood gates to the mass development of inefficient onshore wind turbines and incinerators."

Well, the rest of the world knows that not switching from fossil fuels will certainly open the floodgates: to real floods when the ice caps melt!


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