Thursday, September 9

More expenses trouble

Yet another renegade UKIP MEP in trouble over expenses!

With their track record as the only political party to have had two of of the people they sent to parliament actually sent to jail for financial impropriety, one would have thought they would have taken a little more care in selecting candidates at the last European elections, especially as it was in the middle of the Westminster expenses scandal when they were claiming to be more
virtuous than the other parties!

But, no, yet again we have headlines about fiddles and the pocketing of taxpayers money. The Sunday Times (Sept 5) under the headline " 'Make a mint' MEP in expenses inquiry" reports that: "An MEP who claimed that politicians could make 'half a million' from five years in the European parliament faces an official investigation into her expenses. A whistleblower has come forward to allege that Nikki Sinclaire, 42, a former UKIP leadership candidate, regularly claimed nearly £840 for driving the 1,200 miles from her home in Birmingham to the parliament in Strasbourg...The allegations have been made by one of Sinclaire's former employees who has complained to the West Midlands police and OLAF, the European anti-fraud office".


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