Tuesday, November 16

Feuding UKIPPERs set up new blogs

It seems to be a common trend among disaffected UKIP members to set up blogs to moan/reveal/complain about its internal shenanigans.

What appears to be a new one, “Everything about UKIP” focuses on Nigel Farage’s working method of getting his cronies to smear internal opponents (November 16 ) and also has an entertaining character assessment of Farage by his fellow UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass (October 25).

It can be added to the long list of other blog and website dissidents within UKIP, who spend many a happy hour slagging each other off.

One of the more longstanding ones is “Junius”. Another is “Dr Edmond’s blog” by a former UKIP National Executive Committee member.

Then there is “Butterflies and Caterpillars", apparently relaunched as “UKIP-vs-EUKIP”, which just about sums them all up!

Together, they show that UKIP’s three main factions identified by David Cameron – the nutters, the fruitcakes and the racists – are all well represented in its website in-fighting.


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