Thursday, November 18

Telegraph interview with Farage can't hide his more sinister sides

To mark his re-election as leader of UKIP, the Eurosceptic Daily Telegraph accords Farage a lengthy interview in today’s Telegraph. However, such a long chat inevitably revealed more than was intended.

‘The internal squabbling can be very tiresome,’, he sighed about the burden of returning to the UKIP leadership.

Less tiresome, perhaps, than visiting lap top dancing bars, on which he says: “Lap dancing? Don’t have the time these days, but I used to go to them. Like it or not, they are a fact of life. You are talking about normal behaviour there. Everyone does it.”

The interviewer also asks him about his extramarital affairs, which he dismisses by saying “Well, we’re all human. There is a big difference between that sort of thing and being really bad.”, which prompts the question about his expenses scandal, to which he replies: “I was trying to make a point about the Brussels gravy train, but it didn’t work. None of it went to me. Most of it went on my staff, on administration.”. So that’s ok then!


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